Digital Project Manager y Scrum Master

Do you need an Scrum Master Expert to help you Overseeing, Manage, Organize and make sure that your project (and your life) are Successful within the planned time and budget?

How could I make you life easier?

I could help you organized yourself efficiently to reach your goals and making your projects SHINE!
I will apply all my knowledge and experience with Multinational Agile companies into your projects and life so you can focus on making you MAGIC!.

Scrum Master

Want to operate as the biggest startups? Want to have in your project the key of their success and adaptability?
We will implement the agile Scrum or Kanban methodologies in your project. We will work in an agile way, so a simple and flexible way, with a structure that could adapt easily to the new circunstances of the day-to-day life.

Project Manager​

Want to have someone that you can make acountable for the execution of your projects?
Ensuring the success of your project with an strategic planning. Taking care of the day-to-day, aligning every task with the goals stablished, making and following plannings, managing your team and achieving every milestone, with the correct reporting and communication with stakeholders.

Accountability Coaching

Want someone to keep you accountable for your plans? Want someone to help you stay on track? someoen to help you in those moments where everything is upside down?
Weekly custom follow-ups, at your time and speed depending on your needs and goals. We will review the performance of the action plan made, refining and taking action to make it happen through processes, automatization, new habits, etc…everything needed to get you where you want to be.

I am Beatriz Montilla and I will help you Plan, Organize and Manager all your projects with Agile methodologies…

From multinational corporate to personal projects, from agile methodologies to how to create a new habit, I will help you with all my tools, experience and knowledge to get the results that you want, in an efficient way without dying while trying.

Get to know a little bit more…

Project Manager, Scrum Master, Coach, Entrepreneur = Multipotentialite

What my clients say…

Método TPI

Hello everyone, I am glad that I found Bea, she helped me so much to give me the push I needed to successfully carry out this project, she has designed such a simple and viable scheme, step by step, that has made everything that in my head, that was very complicated in a easy project, that is why I highly recommend her, she has definitely been a key piece in the success of my project. Thank you Bea!

Let’s work together!